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Since when did they become friends?

Since when did they start hanging out?
Barcabloo @ PhotoXpress

You are friends with two people who have not stated out loud to each other that they don’t like one another; but you’ve heard them say a thing or two about each other when the other wasn’t around. You’ve even noticed a little disdain that they have for one another. You have either confronted or said nothing, but life moves on. One day you look up and the two are now friends and are hanging out together. Have you ever asked the question “Since when did they become friends?”

Two people who have been known to not like one another all of a sudden start hanging out together and the question is raised “Since when did they become friends?” Usually, when we don’t give another person a chance it’s because we don’t know their story. We prejudge them and talk behind their backs or look at them in a negative sort of way because of their difference from us or something we’ve heard.

When the question is raised “Since when did they become friends?” you have to ask yourself if you are feeling some type of way because you didn’t get the memo. Or is it that you weren’t privy to join in at the meet and greet. We’ve been known as humans to be okay when two of our friends don’t like one another but when they become friends we become disillusioned or confused because we’re no longer the one who is the sole object of everyone’s affection since we’re all friends now.

It’s silly for us to believe that two people who weren’t friends before can’t be friends now; especially as adults. When we were younger we may not have been mature enough to understand the concept because we thought that friends were forever and so were enemies. Of course, as adults we learn that is not always true.

We don’t have to fully understand or agree with the circumstances of how two people become friends but it is not up to us. We have to be mindful that others have the right to change their minds about people they once thought negative of. We have to take in consideration that maybe they didn’t really know one another and once they did, they realized how much they had in common rather than what they did not have in common.

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