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Since I can get married now, I need to find a suitable gay husband. Any applicants?


  • Eugene Hamburger 5 years ago

    "When will the 72% who wanted single-payer, universal health care get a vote, or the 75%-80% who oppose the US slaughters in Afghanistan and Iraq [to leave it there for the moment] cast their ballots? Funny how and when the democratic process is trotted out and when it is mysteriously shut away in an attic."

    EXACTLY. And when will the 70% of Arizonan's who favor 1070 get a vote? When will the 90% of Americans who want the border closed get a vote? And when will the 60% of Americans who oppose abortions get a vote? And when will the 70% of Missouri citizens opposed to Obamacare get a vote? Funny how the democratic process is trotted out then shut away in the attic when it disagrees with Leftist rhetoric, you hypocrite.

  • Lowell 5 years ago

    I've never seen those statistics you quote, Hamburger, but let's assume they are correct. If 70% of Arizona wants SB1070 sustained, I have no problem with them voting for it. I suspect your 70% could be broken down depending on how the question is asked. Is this act connected to the declining economy, where banks and financial institutions get bailed out with public money? Have their calls for community-centered reforms been un-invited to the table? So is this the only expression of their anger allowed to be expressed. I suspect so. There's a lot to unpack in this issue and the other you note. But I do question your numbers.

  • Eugene Hamburger 5 years ago


    That particular poll is a Rasmussen poll. I con't post links, so just Google it. Every poll shows the law gets 60-70% support.

    Your argument was that "Opponents of LGBT marriage are... calling for the democratic process to decide this, not the court" and you imply, by extension, that the opponnents are hypocrites because they only want the democratic process to apply in certain situations. My rebuttal is that you want the exact same thing. You are already quick to attempt to dismiss SB1070's massive approval as the "only expression of [AZ's citizens'] anger allowed to be expressed." If you're going to be a populist, you can't just dismiss the numbers you don't like with Leftist rhetoric. You are assuming the people in AZ are a bunch of rubes who are actually angry at the economy, but are so stupid that they vent their anger against illegal aliens.

    Also, FYI, Rasmussen also shows 60-70% of ALL Americans in favor of a total (sea to sea) border fence.

  • Eugene Hamburger 5 years ago

    To put an even more fine a point on it: The majority of the populace is against gay marriage - but the courts overrule their will. The majority of the populace is for SB1070 - but the courts overrule their will. Yet you are pro-gay marriage and against SB1070 - are you really a populist? Or just a Leftist in disguise? Just whose side are you really on - the courts? Or the People?

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