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Sin will take you farther. . .

Kenneth Wayne Mcleod, a man who lost his way and somehow decided "Death was a better option."
Kenneth Wayne Mcleod, a man who lost his way and somehow decided "Death was a better option."

Local businessman Wayne McLeod’s story hit the Times-Union yesterday, and with it the teachings of Christ.

McLeod 48, committed suicide on his way to meet with investigators determining possible charges against him in an alleged Ponzi scheme operated by one of his businesses. “I will not make it this morning,” he wrote. “I have decided that death was a better option. I am truly sorry for all the harm I caused.”

The sounds of Don Henley’s New York Minute came to mind as this examiner read those words. “Men get lost sometimes as the years unfurl.” Dwayne had been lost and mistook his chance at redemption for a chance at destruction. Tragedy is, destruction came anyway; and not just his, but that of his family and friends. His actions left them all with a terrible burden.

But the words that struck hardest were Jesus’ words in Luke 12:15, “Then he said to them, Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Dwayne had lost sight of that and from there it was a very easy descent into the confusion that caused him at the age of 48, to take his own life.

I am grieved for Dwayne, his family, and his friends. A tragedy that destroyed more than one life was his decision that “death was a better option.” It is my earnest prayer that somehow, somewhere, he gave his life to Christ. We should pray for those he left behind; that they will be restored quickly and be able to take solace in knowing there is another way. As a classic song went, “Sin will take your farther than you want to go.

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