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Sin in Souls Kitchen by Andrew Oye

book cover
book cover
simon and schuster

Recent Columbia MBA graduate Thaddeus Carmichael, has his life all planned out. He will take over his family's business and marry his long term girlfriend Chelsea. Did I mention that this plan was created without Thaddeus' approval. Thad, who is of African American blue blood, has had to compromise on his life forever. Everyone has the perfect vision of what Thad's life should be. Thad Sr. feels like he has compromised with Thad enough and it's time for him to settle into the family business. From day 1, Chelsea has imagined herself as a first class broadcast journalist and Thad as the ever affluent businessman and themselves as the perfect couple with the perfect marriage. Thad throws that out the window when he breaks up with Chelsea and decides to start a restaurant with his friends. His father learns to accept this but Chelsea will stop at nothing to get her perfect life. Even if that means punching holes in condoms, burning down the restaurant, and scaring Thad's love interest. Thad slowly watches Chelsea loose her grip with reality, but will he also?