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'Sin City 2' gets a little easy publicity from banned Eva Green poster

The Motion Picture Association of America has spoken out against the latest poster for “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.” In fact, they’ve done more than speak; they’ve outright banned the poster for ‘nudity.” The poster features character Ava Lord, played by French actress Eva Green, in a translucent blouse. With backlighting, her silhouette is clearly visible through the garment, but with her sideways facing stance, there are other areas also visible. The MPAA noted their concerns lie in the following areas: “curve of under breast and nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

Though the poster was banned, Dimension will be working with the MPAA to find a workaround that everyone finds suitable. But just because the poster was banned doesn’t mean you can’t find it. The studio went ahead and released it anyway, to get a little more publicity out of the whole ordeal.

Comics Alliance was quick to point out that the film’s directors will probably have many more hurdles to jump over with the MPAA to bring the nudity and sexual content down to a theater-approved “R”-rating, just based of how graphic and gruesome the comics were. They note that Ava is pretty well without clothing throughout the flick, along with the leading man, Dwight.

Various commenters have pointed out the hypocrisy of the MPAA’s criticism. The visibly bare form of a female body is objectionable and to be rejected, but that woman holding a raised and cocked handgun is apparently not notable. Should the poster have erred on the side of gore and violence, it can be speculated that it would have gone unnoticed by the organization.

But on the other side, everyone involved in this project has gone through this process before. They know the standards of the MPAA by now, so why would they try to pull this? Ultimately, the answer seems to be that they’ve gotten extra publicity out of it, while also painting the MPAA in a bad light, so it's likely that’s what they were gunning for in the first place.

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