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Simpolfy - Bringing Politics into the 21st Century


At Simpolfy (accepted Fledge participant -, uses questions to understand your political profile and help you easily decide whether you are for or against a bill. We then compare your positions to the voting records of your representatives, and show you how you actually align.

They are a politically impartial, data-driven organization with the mission to improve democracy. Basically they help you understand a bill and learn what your congressman voted on.

The site will tell you what is in the bill you're for and what you're against. Then, it will tell you whether or not you're for or against the bill and how that compares to your representative's voting record. With Simpolfy, citizens will be empowered to improve our democracy. I like the idea of helping people who want to be more involved, understand exactly what is happening.

Perks include bumper stickers, t- shirts, your name on the site and more.

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