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'Simply Worship'; Tyscot's Marica Chisolm a worshipper's anthem

Marica Chisolm "Simply Worship"
Marica Chisolm "Simply Worship"
Tyscot, Marica Chisolm, Simply Worship, Gospel music, Worship

If you're looking for an album that will usher you straight into the presence of the Lord, Marica Chisolm's CD "Simply Worship" aims to take you there. Each track evoking an emotional exchange with the one who gives abundant life.

As I listened to the CD there were preconceived notions of what the contents would be, however as I continued to listen there were a few songs that stirred my heart. Because of my traditional roots, whenever hymns are sampled in a track my heart immediately connects with the message of hope, love, deliverance, devotion, expectation and adoration. "Desperation" and "Desperation Worship" are among those songs that will provoke you to release the baggage that weighs you down and surrender yourself. "Corporate Worship" took me back to Sunday morning worship service where the Worship/Devotional leader led the congregation into the presence of the Lord.

Marica tapped Grammy award winner Tasha Cobbs to lend her songwriting expertise on the very catchy worship track "Used". Darius Paulk wrote and arranged the powerful track "Hallelujah to the King". The opening track, "O Give Thanks" written by Titus Jackson and Jamiene Thompson, is a high-energy "get your praise on" track.

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