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Simply Three dances 'Tightrope' with pros in new video release

Simply Three continued their simply unstoppable success streak by releasing this morning their most star-studded recording to date, taking a break in their busy launch day to chat with Examiner. With their signature crystalline crossover chemistry, the trio's video cover of Janelle Monae's 'Cold War / Tightrope' fuses with the pop queen's music, in part, by featuring members of Monae's own band along with a nightclub-hip, Arizona-based dance troupe.

Simply Three, along with Kellindo, Glen McDaniel, and EPIK Dance create a cover of Janelle Monae's 'Cold War/Tightrope'
Simply Three, along with Kellindo, Glen McDaniel, and EPIK Dance create a cover of Janelle Monae's 'Cold War/Tightrope'
Zack Clark/Simply Three
Making 'Cold War/Tightrope' video with Simply Three
Zack Clark/Simply Three

"With Kellindo, every interaction refers to a previous joke, so it's literally always laughs and giggles, even during the actual video shoot," said Simply Three's cellist Zack Clark about working with the renowned guitarist who's usually seen shredding up the stage with Monae.

"We liked the idea of the juxtaposition of wild, neon, black-lit colors to sleek black and white that honors Janelle’s style," Simply Three's violinist Alex Weill said about the video concept that also includes Glen McDaniel, Monae's violinist. "Glen and Kellindo are both extremely talented musicians. What makes me admire them even more is how fun and humble they are."

"And it was so much fun filming the dueling violins section with Glen. The way the music is phrased actually sounds like the two violins are in conversation with each other," Weill added. The dramatic voicing blend between Kellindo's electric guitar and the treble violin phrases make a pleasing combination rarely equaled.

Nick Villalobos, Simply Three's bassist first envisioned the video. "The beginning of 'Cold War' starts off with a beautiful theme, so I knew we could pull that off on strings. But, every time I listened to 'Tightrope,' I was thinking, 'Man this is pretty funky.' All of the sudden, the first few scenes of the music video popped into my head. I saw starting in a classy white room; then right when that beat drops we move into a black lit room with EPIK doing an awesome dance."

"It was amazing to sit back and watch Saza and Weezy unfold this amazing choreography right before our eyes," Clark continued about the electric, fusion dance company. "Nick and I are under a ton of stress with high production music videos like this. But to our joy, the dance company relieved stress, and we didn't ever have to worry, because they hit the ground running!"

Wearing producer hats included incorporating neon gymnastics in a night club setting for Clark and Villalobos this time around. "One of the main challenges was making sure we had enough black lights to make the colors pop. That’s where my dad, who is an electrician, came in," said Villalobos."He helped me build four panels of black lights that we used to light the dancers make up. I couldn't be more happy with the results. Once again, dad saves the day."

With layer upon layer of artistic innovation and stellar talent, Simply Three's unprecedented collaboration balances classical with pop so brilliantly that traversing the 'Tightrope' sounds refreshingly effortless. As of today's video release, which immediately vaulted past 1,000 views, the song is also available on iTunes, at Amazon and on Google Play.