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Tom's of Maine 24 HR wetness protection
Tom's of Maine 24 HR wetness protection
Tom's of Maine

I am forever switching off deodorants and trying new ones and really that is just because I love to test new products. I like finding out if things are as amazing as the manufacturer states. Anti-perspirants can be tough because you won't know if it's a bad buy until it fails you. With all the Clinical formulas and brands promising 48-hour protection how can one possible choose what's best?
Well let me help you navigate through the good, the bad and the sticky situations that can find you this summer.

Sensitive Skin
Tom’s of Maine new naturally dry is made from ingredients that are derived from plants and contains olive leaf extract. It's sans artificial fragrances, preservatives or silicones so it's great for the person who chafes easily.

Long Lasting
Mitchum Advanced provides protection even after a long run on the treadmill. There was no odor and within a matter of minutes my underarms were dry again. They advertise that it's made with oxygen technology which is what seems to make this stick 48 hours strong.

Tone Repair
If you tend to have skin discoloration brought on by any and all irritations then try Dove Advanced Care Skin Renew. The combination of calendula, sunflower seed oils and NutriumMoisture helps in restoring skin to its natural tone.

Best Scent
Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant is great providing dryness even though it does not contain aluminum an ingredient commonly found in anti-perspirants. My favorite fragrance is the Vanilla Lavender because the combination of those two scents makes me feel like every day is a beach day.

For Men
Tom's of Maine has created this formula just for men. It's one of the newest in their line. It promises and delivers 24 hours of odor protection, while skipping things like artificial preservatives and animal testing.

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