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Simply Spotless hand cleaner: Review

Simply Spotless is a series comprised of four cleansers, which were created in response to the need for eco-friendly cleaning products. Meryl Santopietro, along with her daughters began as a multifaceted family design business. They recognized the need for such items and responded accordingly.

We tried the hand cleaner and were semi-pleased with the product. While Simply Spotless is the best of all hand cleaners that we've tried thus far. It still did not deliver.

The product has a faint, pleasant and clean aroma. However, we tested the product at several junctures during the day and found that it did not eradicate the original aroma of our hands.

For example, we had Mexican food for dinner. We lathered up and rinsed. The sniff test produced a slight hint of Mexican food and the pleasant scent of the hand cleaner.

Perhaps, we are already at a slight disservice, as our sense of smell is rather strong?

However, we urge you to try it for yourself. It is, after all, good for the earth. It retails for $14.00 for a 16-ounce bottle and is available from the Simply Spotless web site.

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