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Simply breathtaking fireplace designs

What better way to enhance the look of a room than with a fireplace? More than just a heat source, the fireplace sets the tone for an entire room. Stone fireplaces lend a rustic touch, while sleek steel fireplaces are the epitome of modern decor. In fact, no matter what type of home you reside in, there is a fireplace design to fit your style.

Even when not in use this amazing fireplace is a truly impressive addition to a room.
Breathtaking fireplace designs

Many of the fireplace designs of today are so massive in size, they are in themselves, as large as a living room. Others bend and curve materials such as rock, stone, and granite in shapes that seem impossible to replicate. There are even fireplaces that heat two rooms at once, or multiple floors simultaneously. In other words, if you can imagine it, it can be designed. For a price.

View the attached slideshow and enjoy some of the most breathtaking fireplace designs we’ve seen.

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