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Simplifying yard work for time, age or disabilities

Remove yard items you no longer use or want
Remove yard items you no longer use or want
Donna Thacker

Is your yard a maze of obstacles for you and your lawn mower to navigate? Is it getting harder and harder for you to keep up with the endless amount of mowing, weed eating and trimming? Maybe it is time for you to consider simplifying your yard work to meet your needs. You may be surprised at the little things that can save you time and sore muscles.

Remove what You don't Use

Look around and see if there are things in your yard that you really don’t use. Have the kids or grandkids outgrown that old swing set? We all know how rough it is to mow around one of those. It is especially bad for older people, who have arthritis in their shoulders or hips. If the kids really don’t use it anymore, give it to a family who has younger children.

So maybe you don't have an abandoned swing set inhibiting your mowing, but what about old yard swings? Moving them to a porch or patio may be an option if you really don't want to get rid of them just yet. Sure they may look nice where they are, but do you really want to keep wrestling them every time you mow?

Re-Arrange Flower Beds

Spring is the perfect time to move flower beds. We all love our flowers, right? As, we get older it gets harder and harder to keep up with them all, and you will end up too tired from tending to them to actually enjoy them. Survey your yard to see where you could put one large flower bed, or combine several beds to eliminate a few.

Re-arranging or moving your existing flower beds out of the main part of the yard will save a lot of time and energy when it comes time to mow. Weed eating will be easier too if you combine several small flower beds into one bigger one. Try to place them near the lawns edge, against the house or along a fence.

Remove Edge of Lawn Borders

If you have small fence borders that are mostly there to look cute, consider removing them. It will take less time to mow the lawn’s edges, plus you will not wear yourself out trying to mow around small fences or lawn edging. There is no need to yank everything from your yard, just do some simplifying and de-cluttering.

Whether you need to simplify your yard work due to time, age or disabilities, there are many ways to cut down on the amount of work your yard takes. By redesigning your yard, you can still continue to enjoy doing the yard work yourself without spending too much time or wearing yourself out. If you find that your back is hurting worse every year, perhaps raised flower beds are the way to go.

Redesigning and rearranging your yard to make the work easier will take some time, but once you have combined flowerbeds, removed middle of the yard obstacles and cleared a bigger area to mow in a straight line, you will find that the yard work is much faster and easier.

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