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Simplify holiday baking


Simplify holiday baking (photo:

Do you suffer from baking burn-out? Are you tired and stressed enough without throwing holiday baking on your to-do list too? See if any of these ideas simplify your holiday baking.

  1. Skip it. I mean it! There are others out there who like to bake. Another way to look at it is do you really want to create all those extra high-calorie temptations? There are plenty out there already!
  2. Buy the Christmas cookies. There are a lot of high quality bakeries out there that have wonderful treats. Save yourself the stress!
  3. Don't go it alone. Make baking into a family event or a friend event. And, whatever gets accomplished, enjoy the time together and call it good enough when you are done.
  4. Keep cookie recipe notes from year to year in your holiday notes folder. Make note of what worked, what didn't, and what quantities you got/wanted. Double or half the recipe next year? You decide!
  5. Make cookies early and freeze them. If you separate the kinds, they don't wind up tasting like each other! (Yes, I learned from my mistake one year.)

Holiday day baking can be fun. If it isn't for you, try the ideas above. The success of a holiday isn't defined by the number of kinds of treats there are or the number of presents that are under the tree. We know that. It is just sometimes we get pulled in by the "should's" and "ought to's" of the seasonal traditions. You can design a holiday baking solution that works for you!

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