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Simple ways to fix a wobbly ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan

There are few things more annoying than the sound of a shaky ceiling fan. The non-stop ‘tick-tick-tick’ sound is enough to drive anyone insane! You may have thought the only way to fix a wobbly ceiling fan is to turn it off, or buy a new model to replace it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are a few simple tricks to try to get a ceiling fan to stop wobbling.

Before you try to fix a wobbly ceiling fan, make sure you turn it off at the base. Don’t just flip the off switch on the wall, as someone could come by and restart the fan without warning. Use a steady step stool or short ladder to gain access to the ceiling fan.

Are the screws tight? – If you are extremely lucky, loose screws may be the cause of your wobbly ceiling fan. To find out, simply tighten the screws on the fan blades and mounting brackets. If the fan stops wobbling, you’ve found the culprit!

Are the blades warped? - Another possibility is that the fan blades themselves have warped. This is likely if the fan is a few years old, or is located in a moisture prone room. If you see that the blades are warped, purchase a new set of blades to stop the wobbling.

Are the blades out of alignment? – If one fan blade is out of alignment, it will cause the entire ceiling fan to wobble. Find out if this is the cause of your wobbly ceiling fan by measuring each blade with a yard stick. Measure from the top of the blade to the ceiling. If one or more blade is higher, or lower, you’ll want to realign it. To do this, gently push up or down on the blade bracket.

Is the ceiling fan balanced? – If you suspect the fan is out of balance, you can confirm your suspicion very easily by placing a clothespin on the end of one blade. Turn the fan back on, and see if the wobbly stops. If not, move the clothespin to a different blade. Continue this process until you’ve found the imbalance. To fix the problem for good, tape a fishing weight on the top of the imbalanced blade. No one will be able to see it, and it will stop the fan from wobbling.

Is the ceiling fan supported properly? – Your ceiling fan should be supported directly into a ceiling joist. If it’s not, it’s not only causing the wobbling, it is also a potentially dangerous situation. The only way to find out if the ceiling fan was properly installed is to take a peek. Do this by entering the attic, or removing the fan and peeking in from below. If it’s not supported, have an electrician come in and install it properly.

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