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Simple ways this Elkton girl saves money on her beauty stash

Beauty items I either purchased at a discount or received for free.
Beauty items I either purchased at a discount or received for free.
ShawnTe Pierce

My family thinks I waste money on beauty products. This is because I often post about recent purchases on Facebook and they read my beauty reviews. While I always give the retail price for the products I use, I do not pay regular price for the products I own. At this moment, every item I have in my beauty arsenal either was purchased at a huge discount or was free. Wanna know my secret?

Beauty Box Subscriptions

Currently I subscribe to one monthly beauty box, Julep Maven. It offers me the best value. I get full-size, not samples of beauty products and pay $19.95 for the box of three to five items. I only get boxes that offer me nail color along with another beauty product I want to try out. Yes, this means you can skip months. My last box had a retail value of $64.00. So, I saved $44.05. Plus, you earn points called Jules that can be used to purchase items including a monthly box if you have enough. If you want to go this route, find a subscription that offers you things you want to have or at least try out. Make sure it gives you the flexibility to skip months.

Semi-Annual Sales

I simply adore semi-annual sales. My favorite semi-annual sale is the one Bath and Body Works has. I can get my favorite bath products for 50 to 75 percent off. Their most recent semi-annual sale I bought $106.00 worth of products for $40.26 – a $65.74 savings. You can increase the discounts when you signup to receive emails from companies. My total also reflects a $10.00 off coupon code I received via email. Other companies like Avon and Victoria’s Secret have the same kind of sales and offer additional discounts via email.

Use Social Media

I follow my favorite higher end brands on Facebook because they have giveaways of full-size and samples of their products. It typically takes between one and five minutes to enter a promotion. If you are selected you get the products free. Your social media influence can also score you discounts and free stuff with Klout and Influenster.

Klout measures your social media influence and they have a perks system that gets you free stuff. Influenster also takes a look at your social media reach. You can increase your impact on the site by engaging via reviews, answering product questions, asking questions, and commenting on articles found on the site. You eventually become eligible for Voxboxes filled with merchandise to try and review and Vox perks which tend to be virtual perks like discounts. I am most influential about beauty online so I receive perk offers for beauty products.

Shop Drugstore

Many drugstore beauty products are just better than department store brands and way cheaper. I also increase my savings by signing up for drugstore rewards programs. For example, Walgreen’s Balance Rewards give you the opportunity to purchase items that earn you reward points as well certain daily activities you can do like recording fitness activity. These points accumulate and can earn you cash off future purchases. If you earn 5,000 points, that can be used to take $5.00 off a future purchase.

Discounts via Email

Every store where I browse for beauty products on has my email address. The reason is because you can receive prety good discount offers when they email you. Sephora notifies when new items are on their sale page. Avon sends me codes for deals and free shipping. I love the 60 percent off or more discount emails I receive from e.l.f cosmetics.

Another money-saving tip: when it comes to buying beauty products, do not purchase an item just because it is on sale. So start checking for big sales, sign up to receive emails, and use social media to your advantage. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars each year without sacrificing your beauty.

What are your money saving tricks?

**This article was previously published on Y!Shine as part of my monthly Beauty Guru blog posts. **

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