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Simple tricks: avoid gaining weight this winter


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An average Montrealer gains about 5 lbs every winter, and loses 3 of them in the spring. Even though it is not much of a winter right now, the extra weight is still going to creep up on you. This article provides a few simple tricks to keeping yourself trim this winter season.

  • Invest time into learning to cook. The most serious enemies of any weight management strategy are snacks, pop, fast food, and sugars. However, if you invest time and effort into cooking you will be able to make your meals more nutritious and less loaded with unnecessary calories.
  • If you already indulge in healthy home cooking but are struggling with portion control try light non-creamy-non-fatty soups. They are going to provide you with proper (and high quality) nutrition and keep the waistline from expanding.
  • Another simple trick to portion control is actually using smaller plates. Research shows that blue plates make the food look less appetizing, and reduce the amount consumed.
  • The biggest winter problem is lack of activity. Do you choose to curl up in a cozy ball with a warm blanket in front of the TV? How often are you accompanied by a plate of a-little-something-to-snack-on? Studies show that most people don't often realize how much they are consuming in front of the television set. So, either get off your couch and go outside, or find something else to do in front of the TV apart from eating. Activities like knitting, crocheting, patchwork, or scrapbooking work well.
  • Skip the coffee cream and the hot chocolate--those winter staples contain a lot of "hidden" calories which go unaccounted for. Opt for hot green tea with lemon, cinnamon, and honey--it will boost your immune system and protect you from the winter bugs.

Stay healthy and happy this winter season!


  • Betsy Schuurman: Ottawa Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Using small plates is a great trick! I also try to do my plating in the kitchen, rather than serving family style where it's easier to go back for seconds.

  • Dasha (Author) 5 years ago

    Absolutely. Good idea. The harder the seconds are to reach the better, it lets you re-consider.

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