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Simple tips to reduce those static electrical shocks

There are some people who really get a charge out of zapping another with one of those shocks caused by static electricity. We’re sure everyone has experienced this sensation at least once in their lifetime.

Easy tips to prevents those little shocks in life!
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Not everyone gets the same charge out of getting a little shock!

Yes, one can rub a blown up balloon on a carpet causing it to stick to your hair or a wall. Rubbing your stocking feet over a rug and touching another will give them cause to jump from the innocent little spark.

On the other hand not all shocks caused by static electricity are forced.

Sometimes these little shocks are dangerous like when you’re at the gas pump. Mostly they are annoying and you don’t need a friend to give you one either – they can occur simply by the types of clothing you wear.

Easy ways to ground yourself to prevent shocks:

  • Avoid polyester and synthetic fabrics. They can cause static electricity build-up on their own.
  • Wear 100 percent cotton clothing. This will eliminate almost all static electrical charges.
  • When clothing sticks to you instead of lying flat you can reduce the static charges dry skin builds up by applying moisturizer to your legs or a light application over your stockings or slip.
  • When at the gas station pay attention to how you exit your vehicle. Open the door, turn in the seat towards the open door, and then put your hand on the metal door frame before placing your feet on the ground and standing outside the vehicle.
  • Never use a cell phone near a gas pump.
  • Avoid sliding in and out of your vehicle if possible. The friction from the material on the car seat and your clothing builds up static charges.
  • If your home is completely carpeted and you shuffle your feet when you walk always touch the wooden door before grabbing for the metal doorknob. Of course, lifting your feet and stepping properly will also reduce static charges from forming if you’re physically able to.

Are you shocked at how easy it is to avoid being zapped?

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