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Simple summer fun for Calgary families

Summertime activities are possible for all families
Summertime activities are possible for all families
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For many Calgary families, taking the summer months off to enjoy time with your children is not an option. While some two-parents families have the luxury of having one parent at home at all times, other families only have one working parent or both parents working full-time, leaving no family holiday time during the summer months.

If you find yourself falling into the ‘working summer’ category, there are still many things you can do to enjoy the summer with your children without leaving town or spending money. All you need is a little imagination and some planning time.

  • Picnic dinner at the park: Instead of picking your children up from the sitter and heading home, prepare a picnic lunch in the morning to enjoy after work. Take your children to a park near by or a place they haven’t been to yet and enjoy finger sandwiches, raw veggies and juice boxes.
  • Beach day: find a near by beach that you are able to drive to within a short amount of time. Be sure to pack some healthy snacks and lots of sand toys to leave on a Saturday morning to enjoy a day of sun and still be home for dinner.

There are many more activities you can do with your children during the summer months by just taking some time and using your imagination. Remember to ask for your child’s input and see what they would like to do as a family for fun!