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Simple Summer Fun: 25 outdoor activities for families

Go hiking
Go hiking
Robin Craig

Summer vacation is almost here! Don't let this precious downtime fly by in a haze of swim lessons and amusement parks. Get outside and enjoy some good, old fashioned family fun. Here's a list of 25 simple outdoor activities to try this summer.

Go for a hike!
Robin Craig

1. Climb a tree
2. Picnic at the park
3. Blow bubbles
4. Go hiking
5. Play tag
6. Have a water balloon/water gun fight
7. Cool off on a slip n slide, or in the sprinklers
8. Play hopscotch
9. Pick wildflowers
10. Go swimming
11. Draw with sidewalk chalk
12. Catch fireflies
13. Go on a scavenger hunt
14. Play catch
15. Go to the playground
16. Spend a day at the beach
17. Make a mud pie
18. Stargaze (with or without a telescope)
19. Jump rope
20. Go camping (even if it's in your own backyard)
21. Play a sport- (football, soccer, baseball, and basketball are fun with just a few people).
22. Roast marshmallows/make s'mores
23. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
24. Go fishing/catch some frogs
25. Hula hoop

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