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7 Simple Steps to Stress Reduction

I Think It's Stress

Stress is the major producer of cortisol; therefore it is very important to reduce stress. Stress is also one of the major factors in causing many illnesses. Stress reduction is an important aspect in reclaiming and rebuilding your health and improving your lifestyle.

Add these simple steps into your daily routine.

  1. Stop thinking about the past. Stop regretting what happened in the past. If you are like me, sometimes you think of the past and wonder what you could have done differently. It is done. Learn from it and move on.
  2. Slow down. Don’t you notice that everyone is in a hurry? Take time to smell the roses and enjoy life.
  3. Avoid the unnecessary. Stop focusing on the things that aren't important and use your energy.
  4. Meditate. Breathe in the good air and breathe out the bad air.
  5. Exercise more. Exercising is a great way to reduce stress.
  6. Focus on your priorities. Understand what really matters to you and invest your time and energy into what is really important to you.
  7. Life is simpler than we allow it to be. Remember this saying: KISS (keep it simple stupid). Cut out the drama in your life and at work.

In summary, laugh more, stress less!

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