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Simple steps to make your front and back yard inviting to home buyers

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Your front yard is the red carpet that directs buyers into your home.

If your front yard is unkempt, buyers will take one look and then keep on driving to the next property on their list. Don't let that happen.

How to make your front and back yard as amazing as the inside of your home.

1.) Cut The Grass and Remove Weeds

2.) Trim Trees, Bushes and Hedges

3.) Check and Repair Irrigation System

4.) Blow Away Any Debris and Leaves

5.) Replace Gravel

6) Replace Bulbs In Malibu Lights

Buyers don't want to trudge through your front lawn as though they were on safari or in the wilderness.

If you have grass, this means the lawn mower needs to be out at least once a week if not every other week, keeping it trimmed and maintained.

It also needs to be green so it looks alive and lush. Water so the sun doesn't dry out the lawn and turn it yellow or brown.

A professional landscaper can help maintain a balance of trimming and growth so it looks just right for buyers.