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Simple steps in teaching children respect, care and responsibility in owning a d

Peek-a-boo - can you see me??
Peek-a-boo - can you see me??

Children and pets are a natural friendship and something wonderfully sweet to embrace. It seems like a natural connection when you see a child playing with a dog but this is the time to teach that youngster how to respect and care for the new canine member of the family. Bring your child in with you every time you go to your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below, or one closest to your home, to learn all the responsibility and care that goes into owning a pet.

When children are young, it is important to monitor all interactions with the pet. Never leave them alone. Children must learn patience, discipline, kindness and attentiveness in relation to caring for a new anine family member. Remember that the best building blocks are those that children learn from you as a role model. When they see you as the nurturing, caring and responsible pet owner, they will learn dependability as well.

Young children do not realize they should not squeeze, hit, pinch or step on a new pup or cat; not pull on the tail or a leg. They do not realize it inflicts pain on the pet. Not only is it harmful to the dog, it may feel scared or threatened at the time, reacting in self-defense that can harm the child. Children need to learn respect; no unpleasant treatment of the animal.

As soon as you bring a pet and child together, provide that child with supervised responsibility. Include the child in feeding times, taking the pet out for potty breaks, cleaning up after the pet, playing with the pet, bathing the animal as well as all other aspects of pet care. Children will not take on full pet responsibilities until you feel they are capable, but early learning through interaction in pet care lets your child know and realize the care a pet needs and that this is a real live being.

Children will also learn how to handle the dog; what and what not to touch. They need respect to the fact that if the pet no longer wants to be petted, if it is eating or resting and sleeping, do not disturb the animal. Pets are not toys and do feel pain if they get hurt. Teach pet safety by having your children be aware of things that could harm pets like cords, tiny toys, people food and anything that is dangerous to your pet. Teaching a child pet responsibility early on in life makes for a well-rounded, respectable, animal-loving member of society as an adult.

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