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Simple Portion Control Pointers To Eat Well This Summer and Beyond

Simple Portion Control Pictures
Healthy Altitudes

The summer is coming. As you may try every workout and every diet in the book, it is a good time to come back to the basics.

Portion control

No matter what diet or workout you do to get healthier, you will always need to balance portion control into your plan to achieve your goal. Remember, portion control is not always about the amount of calories in a food, but it is about awareness and eating balanced portions of a variety of foods to stay healthy.

The chart below is an easy way to measure your portions wherever you are, without measuring cups or drawing attention to yourself in social settings. Use the chart below to start learning more about portion control. To further refine ways to work towards your individual goal, seek out a personal trainer or a nutritionist with experience in the area of your goal. If your goal is weight loss, find a trainer who specializes in this as your portions will be different than the athlete trying to build muscle. All along, it is important to seek out professionals with a strong base in science and not fads. No matter when you reach your goal, you will need to start working towards it with portion control.

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