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Simple holiday decorations brighten up your cottage or home

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Decorating your cottage or home for the holidays puts everyone in a joyful spirit, adds enjoyment to the Christmas season and best of all, it can be done relatively inexpensively. By combining a few simple supplies with your furnishings, you’ll have your home looking festive in no time. Chances are you already have plenty to work with at home, but a simple trip to the dollar store to stock up on holiday paper and ribbons is a start. For instant holiday wall art, wrap the pictures on your wall with colorful paper and bows. This is super-fast and easy. Holiday ribbon can be found usually in 9 foot rolls, perfect for wrapping around items and tying a big festive bow. You can wrap ribbon or add big bows to just about anything in your yard such as lamp-posts, mailboxes, tree trunks or other items like sleds, lawn furniture or old garden tools. With a couple nails or tacks you can make a giant ribbon star inside or out.
Are you a bit crafty? A few simple and quick holiday crafts can make a big impact. Make wreaths out of coffee filters, tissue paper or simply tie colorful scraps of fabric around a metal ring. Make a fun ribbon tree. Punch holes in a tin bucket and add a potted plant or small tree. Make a glass snowman using fish bowls. Holiday glass blocks take a bit more work but last for years.
Don’t have the time for making anything? Look around your rooms and see what can easily be transformed into a holiday decoration. Do you have a hanging chandelier with a chain? Dangle ornaments from it. Remove the everyday candles from candleholders and replace with ornaments or pinecones. A simple table decoration is filling a bowl or vase with something for the Christmas season like tiny ball ornaments, pinecones or anything colorful.
Use your imagination and think outside the box. The holidays is not about how much your decorations cost, but sharing your enthusiasm and spreading Christmas joy.

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