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Simple Foods for the Pack - the outdoor recipe book to have

My copy of Simple Foods for the Pack - well used and appreciated!
My copy of Simple Foods for the Pack - well used and appreciated!
Sonja Dewing

When going backpacking I'm too much of a foodie to live on pita bread and granola bars.  In my search for good food I've found a few books, recipes and resources that keep things simple .  The book Simple Foods for the Pack is one of my favorites.

The multitude of recipes range from foods to make at home before the trip, to breads, stews, etc. you can make in camp.  My favorite recipe is the potato cakes, a well balanced snack that I make at home before the trip.  Garlic and potato goodness!  I also love the clam chowder.  I made it while at a search and rescue school and while my fellow students were eating packaged beef jerky I was living it up with a tasty meal.

The recipes use lightweight ingredients (although a can here and there is called for) and even tells you how much time it takes for each recipe.  A plus if you don't want to spend too much time hastling with meals in the outdoors.

Tip: My copy of the book is nice and clean.  Mainly because I'll jot down the recipe and stick it in a ziplock with my recipe ingredients (pre-measured).  You don't want to add extra weight with a book unless it's a good read.  

I have the second edition, but the third edition is the current, and you can find it on  Or, if you like to dig through local used bookshops there are three that I recommend glancing through, and you just might find a well-used version of the book:  Title Wave Books at 1408 Eubank NE, 505-294-9495; Bird Song Used Books at 1708 Central Ave SE, 505-268-7204; and there is a used bookstore in Bernillilo Under Charlie's Covers at 204 Camino Del Pueblo, 505-404-2097  (right next to a Flying Star).

Good eating!

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