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Simple fixes for back pain and tips to prevent injury, Part 2


Some solutions are deceptively simple.  Read Part 1 to this article before continuing.

  • Backpacks/purses/satchels:  Keep it even.  Carry book bags on both shoulders.  Cross-body purses are best for your neck and shoulders.  Males do not sit on your wallet!  Down the road it can cause sciatica.  
  • Lifting:   Lift with your legs.  Better yet, engage your stomach muscles to help you lift.  This gives you more strength and support.  Also be sure not to lose the natural curve of your low back, as that means you are over-stretching those muscles and tearing the muscle fibers.  When lifting, keep heavy objects close to your body, as that will cause much less stress to your back.  Absolutely no twisting of the spine when lifting heavy objects.  Shoveling is a common example of this.  Lunge with your legs to scoop, bring the shovel closer to your body, then step to turn and dump the contents. 
  • Stress:   Work on minimizing the stressers in your life and notice how much useless stress we cause ourselves.  Neck pain, headaches, and jaw pain is common when under stress, as stress often causes people to grind their teeth at night.  Do whatever you can to not carry stress to sleep.  If you know you grind your teeth, get a splint from your dentist, or a temporary one from your neighborhood pharmacy. 
Physical therapy is a great healing tool that if often covered by insurance.  After you get a prescription from your doctor, call one of these gifted Physical Therapists in Birmingham:
  • Margaret Pittinger,   -   Margaret has multiple trainings in fields relating to physical therapy that enhance her skills.  She is also a trained Feldenkrais practitioner and CranioSacral Therapist.   She can be reached at (205)967-6975.
  • Kenny at Eskridge & White Physiotherapy - 3125 Independence Drive, Homewood, AL35209, (205)879-7501
  •  Beyond Physical Therapy - Brother and sister, LeAnne and Jon Paul Church, have extensive training in John Barnes' Myofascial Release Technique.   They can be reached at (205)824-6263.


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