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Simple first days of school suggestion

First Days, As First Impressions, Are So Important
First Days, As First Impressions, Are So Important

You are a devoted parent. Okay, you have to push back on the helicopter throttle at times, but any former teacher would consider you reasonable.

After organizing your child’s school supplies, doing everything possible to guarantee he has great teachers, and establishing a reasonable homework completion routine before the First Day of the School Year, consider one more tactic.

Try one more approach to giving your son or daughter the best opportunity to know success in the classroom.

Establish your own communication link with the teachers. Make it more than just the email address the teachers provide.

Shortly after the first day send your child in with a SHORT note to each teacher. Introduce yourself / family and express your desire that your child put in and take out as much as possible in this school year.

Express your interest in meeting as soon as possible, contact information, and briefly note any special needs your child might have.

Close with as many positive words as you think will be of value (i.e. you’ve heard she is a great teacher; you understand he is demanding and fair; you look forward to discovering more about your child through the teacher’s eyes).

Follow up once a month with a short note expressing what you’re pleased to see and, if necessary, a question / concern you have.

If a concern should arise, communicate with the teacher first. Do all you can to resolve that concern with the teacher before considering contacting the principal, which should be the very last resort.

Keep the communication link alive all year and make it a memorably successful one for your child and you.

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