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Simple Fashion at March for Babies

Sunglasses are the perfect addition no matter what your style is
Sunglasses are the perfect addition no matter what your style is
Photo by: J.R. Smith

March for Babies is an annual walk where hundreds of people come together and walk 8.5 miles in Gainesville to raise money for premature babies. And in the wonderful spring sunshine yesterday, this is exactly what happened.

Although this is not your typical fashion show, there are definitely ways in which to show your fashion even when you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Since most people want to show what team they are a part of, they often design their own t-shirts for the event. This is definitely one way of stepping-up the simple t-shirt and it allows you to stand out. And isn’t that the point of fashion?

Here are some tips for adding just a little something when you are bound to a simple outfit or just want to dress casually for the day:

• Wear statement sunglasses (the bigger the better in my book!)

• A chunky or long necklace can be perfect for a plain colored t-shirt

• Fabulous shoes can really make an outfit (heels with jeans and a t-shirt are great!)

• Big earrings (chandelier, bright colors, shiny crystals, etc.)

• Belt it! Adding a skinny or chunky belt can be the ideal addition.

It is all in the accessories. If you ever want to step an outfit up, all you need to do is add some accessories. One Gainesville resident recently said “I want to get rid of all of my clothes and start over” and her friend turned to her and said “Just get new accessories and everything will look new – that will be much more budget friendly”.

This conversation was wonderful to hear and is completely right. If you are not in the place to completely redo your wardrobe, just revamp it with accessories. 


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