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Simple DIY tools women should own

Women need their own tools for DIY projects
Women need their own tools for DIY projects
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Women should have simple DIY tools of their own and know how to use them, especially if they live alone. Even the smallest home repair can get expensive if you have to call a professional. Learning to do simple DIY repairs will not only save you money, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.


A small assortment of screwdrivers serves many purposes. Screwdrivers are either a flat head or a Phillip’s head. A flat head fits a screw that has 1 slot for the screwdriver to fit in. A Phillip’s head will fit a screw that has a vertical line with a horizontal line through the center.

Choose screwdrivers that have handles that feel comfortable in your hand. It is a good idea to have them in various sizes and lengths. Small, short screwdrivers work best when you need to tighten a screw in a chair or coffee table leg.


A small, lightweight hammer should be in every woman's collection of DIY tools. Have you ever walked past the trim on a door and gotten scratched or grabbed by a small trim nail that has worked its way out? You can snag an expensive sweater that way. If you do not get a hammer and tap it back in immediately, you may forget until the next time it grabs you.

Men like those big heavy duty hammers, but all women need for a few DIY home repairs is a small one that is easy to grasp. When choosing a hammer to buy for your own tool set, test the weight. If the hammer head feels too heavy, select a smaller weight.

Cordless Drills

Choose a small cordless drill for easy DIY home repairs. Drills come in all sizes and speeds. A small drill that is easy to hold is your best option. An 18volt cordless drill is a good starter drill. It's not too heavy but has some power. A small drill is great for putting up curtain rod hooks, or screwing together a bookshelf or baby bed. You will be amazed at the projects you can do with a small cordless drill.

More Basics

Buy a plastic container that is full of different sizes of screws, bolts, nuts and nails. Hardware stores sell them in various sizes. Having your own DIY kit will save time. If you have your own tools and keep them in your house, you will not have to go to the garage and figure out where hubby might have these things stashed. Tell the men in the house these are your tools and it is hands off. If you do not, they will take them and you will not have the stuff you need when you want it.

Color-coordinate your DIY tools to make them your own. You can buy small tool kits that have the tools every woman should own. These tool kits come in bright pink or purple and are geared specifically for a woman to own. The men in your house won’t run off with your pink or purple tools, so you will always have them accessible.

Start out with these basic DIY tools that every woman should own and use. As you get more accustomed to using your tools, you will add other useful tools to your plastic tote. You might want to consider a small level and a tape measure. A small level is great to use to check your stove to make sure it is level before baking a cake. The tape measure is great to measure space before you move furniture around.

Start your tool collection by checking at pawn shops and hardware store sale bins. Yard sales are a good source too. Men generally go for the name brand lifetime guaranteed tools because they use them for heavy duty stuff, but that’s not necessary for minor household repairs…unless of course you start to really liking the tools. You might even become “Tim the Tool-man Taylor!”

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