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simple adventures

The Colorado Trail sits below the imposing bulk of Mount Massive.
The Colorado Trail sits below the imposing bulk of Mount Massive.
Photo by Damian Lydick

What qualifies as an outdoor adventure? Outdoor adventures can range from a simple hour hike nearby, or as long as backpacking the entire Colorado Trail. The definition of "adventure" varies from person to person, and seems dependent on that person's ability and comfort level. Adventure takes us outside our comfort zones, for most people a simple hike can bring a sense of exploration and excitement, for others, a bit more is needed. Multiple day wilderness treks, technical rock climbs, white water raft trips,big game hunts, backpack hunts, ice climbs, winter mountaineering, these are the hallmarks of epic adventures in Colorado, and these are almost always events that people who experience will share stories about, and never tire of telling.

Living in Colorado, there are no shortage of trails to explore, whether they be close to Denver, or deep into the mountains. Don't be intimidated by the published length of some trails, go as far as you like, or for as long a time as you like. Best thing about mountain trails, is they will be here for a long time, so if you don't reach the end, for whatever reason, you can always try again later.

A great trail to start experiencing section at a time is the Colorado Trail. Close to 500 miles from the eastern end at Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver, to the west end at Durango, the Colorado Trail traverses eight of the most scenic mountain ranges in the state. Divided into 28 segments, there is the possibility to take the extensive trail a section at a time, or for the more ambitious adventurer, all 28 segments at once. But be warned that the average through hike of the Colorado Trail is around forty days. Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the Colorado Trail.

An hour in the mountains is more memorable than an hour in the city, those who disagree with this statement probably aren't reading this article.