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Simpatico": Identifying attributes

"Simpatico": A fun way to learn to identify attributes
"Simpatico": A fun way to learn to identify attributes
Funstreet Inc.

Most teachers are familiar with attribute blocks, a  math manipulative used with students to help them identify shape, color, size, and thickness.  They have also been used in classrooms to introduce logical thinking skills. A new game, "Simpatico", made by Funstreet Inc., uses attribute recognition in a fun board and card.

Find matching attributes

The attributes on the "Simpatico" cards are color, creature, and quantity. The board has three(3) rows and to begin each round, nine(9) cards are displayed :two (2) in the bottom row, three(3) in the middle row, and four(4) in the top row. Players move cards by placing cards on top of other cards with which they share at least  two of the three attributes or characteristics. 

The goal is to get your cards to the top row .  At the end of the turn, the player removes all the cards from the top row that has more than one card on it.  These cards are counted during the scoring.

The game is recommended for ages seven and up and is for two to four players. It is good family fun and is not as easy as it seems.  In classrooms, groups of four or teams  could play at free time or it could be used in a learning center.

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