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Simon Helberg reveals he broke up with his wife before marrying her

Simon Helberg reveals that he broke up with his wife before he asked her to marry him.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While Simon Helberg plays an nerdy scientist on "Big Bang Theory" he says on March 1 to RTE that his character isn't really much different than his real life in regards to relationships. He recently revealed that before he asked his wife, Jocelyn Towne, to marry him, he broke up with her.

Helberg says that he was completely in love with Towne and he wanted to marry her, so naturally he had to destroy his life, lie, ruin friendships, and completely fall apart before he figured it out. While he was attempting to destroy his life, his, now, actress and director wife, Jocelyn moved to Paris to try and make a name for herself.

Helberg says it was kind of embarrassing actually because he thought he had feelings for other people, he thought he needed a more exciting life, even though he was living his dream and had everything he wanted. When he finally figured it out, Jocelyn was just returning from Paris and he popped the question as soon as he could.

His thinking was that if he could just trap her into marriage because it was the most romantic thing he could think of. Currently, Towne and Helberg are working on a movie together that details this story of their marriage and how it all worked out.

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