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Simon Curtis & Wolfy are celestially colorful in Wrathschild's 'Fall Into Love'

New pop duo Wrathschild premiered the music video for its debut single "Fall into Love" on Friday (April 11). In the dreamy clip, Simon Curtis and Wolfy splash the city with gorgeous hues of color.


"Fall into Love" is Wrathschild's debut single. Indie pop singers Simon Curtis and Wolfy, a.k.a. Ro Danishei, make up the new pop duo. They first premiered the track last month. Amidst glowing electro-pop production, Curtis and Danishei long for an ideal romance on "Fall into Love." "I want the real thing just like an '80s movie," the two artists sing in unison.

The music video for "Fall into Love" premiered this week and it was directed by JB Ghuman Jr. Curtis and Danishei arrive in a blaze of neon color with their space-themed clip. The two singers run around the city while singing the electro-pop track. Curtis rocks an out-of-this-world onesie and Danishei dons a celestial body suit for the magical clip. They hit up an arcade, fly kites on the beach and hitch a ride with a tribal spaceman. "Fall into Love" is a real treat on the ears and Wrathschild rightfully give the eyes a visual feast with their colorful concoction of a video.

"Fall into Love" is now on iTunes. Wrathschild is already recording a follow-up single, which will be released later this year.

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