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Simon Curtis and Wolfy team up as Wrathschild on dreamy single 'Fall into Love'


Pop singer-songwriters Simon Curtis and Wolfy premiered their collaborative single "Fall into Love" on Monday (March 24). As Wrathschild, the two make you fall in love with them all over again on the glowing track. exclusively premiered "Fall into Love" yesterday. Simon Curtis and Wolfy (a.k.a Ro Danishei) are known in the online music scene for many free albums and singles they've released in the past. Ready for the big time, Curtis and Danishei team up as Wrathschild on their stunning debut single "Fall into Love."

"Fall into Love" opens with lofty synths that buoy Curtis and Danishei's sweet vocals. Together the two artists long for an ideal romance when they sing, "I want the real thing just like an '80s movie." The chorus is a whole other level of gorgeousness when a pounding beat kicks in and their unified voices reach the higher heavens. "Let's fall in love tonight / Come and scoop me up in your ride," Curtis and Danishei proclaim with power. For good measure, an African chant-inspired section rounds out the duo's dreamy single. Wrathschild's "Fall into Love" is an undeniable pop gem with big personality courtesy of Simon Curtis and Wolfy.

Wrathschild's "Fall into Love" single will be released via iTunes on March 31.

Listen to "Fall in Love" on Wrathschild's SoundCloud page here

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