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Silver Spirit Days 2&3: dinner at Hot Rocks breakfast in Turks&Caicos

Live from Silversea Cruises Silver Spirit where Richard and Patti Pietschmann are celebrating a celestial anniversary. We sailed from Fort Lauderdale last Thursday (March 20) after three dreamy days at the Ritz-Carlton—what a ride.

Ah the good life on Silversea Silver Spirit in Grand Turk
Richard Pietschmann
Pompano on table grill at Hot Rocks
Richard Pietschmann

Last night we had dinner at Hot Rocks, Silversea’s popular al fresco casual eatery where you grill your own fish, fowl, veal or prime beef on your table while sipping free wines, Champagne or cocktails. We both ordered fresh pompano that came with fresh vegies to skewer and a bake potato to also grill to choice. All this under a starry sky cooled by balmy ocean breezes.

After dinner we strolled on deck and checked out the action in the casino and lounge before settling down for a comfy night’s sleep on our oh so soft and silky Pratesi Linens. When we woke up we were in a little paradise called Grand Turk in the Turks&Caicos, so beautiful with silky sand beaches and azure-colored waters. We were scheduled for a snorkel tour but due to a snafu of an unannounced (to us) change in the time of departure we were left to our own devices, which turned fortuitous. We simply had breakfast on board, went off the ship and straight down to aforementioned Eden-like beach for our own snorkel adventure.

Grand Turk Island is just seven miles long and a little more than a mile wide but it's packed with lots of nautical options plus a long strip of beach dedicated to cruise ship passengers with chaises, shops and places for food or drink. It’s a pure delight and one of the reasons we booked this seven-day voyage to San Juan, Puerto Rico.