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Silver price continues sideways trend

2013 silver price
2013 silver price

Not a very exciting headline, is it? But it is news to those of us who are affected by the commodity price of silver.

As the enclosed chart shows, silver dribbled down from the $30 range to the $20 range during 2013. During January, 2014, the price has bounced around between $19 and $20 per Troy ounce. At the moment, it's $19.17.

For those of us who don't speculate on what the price may do, some stability is good news. It allows us to buy and sell things made of silver without the unneeded impact of a wildly speculative silver market. For the past few years, many buyers and sellers of things like sterling flatware have been waiting to act because they were afraid of not benefiting from some future price curve direction. Well, maybe it's time to put indecision behind us and go ahead and act. I, for one, am not letting the commodity price of silver worry me too much with regard to buying or selling all things silver.