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Silver bans Sterling from NBA for life

Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling from the NBA for life on Tuesday because of his racist comments
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It is said that sterling silver wins the acclaim of all fortune seekers, but for Donald Sterling there is nothing fortunate about Adam Silver and won't be for life. That is because Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life, according to ABC News on Tuesday. The ban came as a result of racist comments that Sterling made on Saturday, in which he objected to the fact that his thirty-one year old girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano, posed for photos with African-Americans. Sterling's comments, which were recorded on an audio tape, also were suggestive about Stiviano's sexual life. In those comments, Sterling said that he does not care what Stiviano "does in private", but that he objects to her posing with African-Americans, including former NBA star Magic Johnson, and bringing them to Clippers games.

Political figures, activists, racial justice advocates, celebrities and concerned citizens wasted no time in informing Silver that they wanted punitive action taken in this matter. Several NBA players also said that they would refuse to play unless Sterling was appropriately punished. In response to the intense public outcry as well as the racist nature of Sterling's comments, Silver took the punitive action and banned Sterling from the NBA for the rest of his natural life.

Under the ban, Sterling is not allowed to attend any NBA games, go to any Clippers facility or office, or participate in any business activities or decisions relating to the Clippers. The ban in effect completely nullifies Sterling's ownership of the team because he is not allowed to perform any of the functions or make any of the decisions of a team owner.

It is unknown whether or not the ban applies to members of Sterling's family; however, Silver was implicit in pointing out that the "family patriarch," Donald Sterling, is the primary target of the ban.

Robert Tuchman, who is the President of the Goviva Agency, described Silver's ban of Sterling as a "first step" to getting Sterling out of the NBA altogether. Tuchman described Sterling as one of the "worst owners in the NBA" and pointed out the irony that although Sterling is such a bad owner, that the Los Angeles Clippers is one the "best teams ever."

However, Tuchman is philosophical about the irony, stating:

"There's something to be said about bad karma."

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