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Silver as a superior antimicrobial

Silver solution is now available in particle sizes small enough to be nontoxic
Silver solution is now available in particle sizes small enough to be nontoxic
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It's no novel idea to use silver as a substance to kill microbes. It was long thought that eating off of silver utensils was essential for health. As the story goes, someone noticed that milk took longer to spoil when a silver dollar was in the jug. Now this was back when dollar coins actually had some silver content in them that amounted to something and we now know that the silver cutlery of the early 1900's could be toxic. It is, afterall, where the term "blue blood" comes from in reference to rich people. Those people with enough money to purchase and use real silver dinnerware on a regular basis were eating some of the silver with their food. The acids in the food would leach the silver from the items. The people consuming the tainted food would then develop a slight blue cast to their complexions due to the toxic levels that would build up.

However, up until not too long ago, new born babies would have their eyes wiped at the hospital with silver nitrate solution (not the straight solution, and I don't think it was used IN their eyes, just wiped across the eyelids to prevent infection). Colloidal silver has been popular for at least the last 20 years as a way of warding off various infections. However, colloidal silver can be rather touchy. It falls out of solution if exposed to freezing temperatures and if the saliva from your mouth is allowed to backwash into the bottle, it can actually activate a precipitation of the silver. Once it is not held in solution, it should not be consumed! That is why all of the colloidal silver bottles I have seen advise against drinking directly from the bottle.

There is also the pesky issue of toxicity possibilities when used in large quantities. While I really do not think manufacturers of colloidal silver products advocate consuming huge amounts of the stuff, there is always someone out there that thinks more is better who mucks it up for everyone else. I have heard it is illegal in California because of this, however I have not had time to look this up and verify the validity of this claim. If anyone knows for certain, please feel free to post and enlighten me.


Silver sol is the new generation of silver. I will have to say, I really do like this stuff. Available in many health food stores, online and from a number of different companies, this seems to be like the blend that "got it right." According to the U.S. patent supporting documents, this silver sol (aka aqua sol) has been shown to be effective against 143 diseases including AIDS, Pneumonia, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Staphs and many more in laboratory settings. It has been shown to work against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is safe for internal consumption as well as being used topically. In fact, some companies even have pre-made products to be used externally as replacements for hand sanitizers. That is impressive.

The secret to its success is that the particle size is so incredibly small. It has been shown to leave the body extremely quick via perspiration ans can be excreted by the kidneys. Therefor the toxicity possibilities are incredibly small. It is a favorite of Dr Gordon Pederson as well as others. This is definitely a product worth looking into for you and your family. Be sure that label lists that is the same silver sol that is covered by U.S. patent 7,135,195. This is the way to know you are getting the correct product.

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