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"Silly Nomads" Bring Creativity and Imagination to Children!

Silly Nomads Cover
Marcus Mohalland and Jen Lewis Zelesnikar

Reading is important and essential for child development and through reading children can explore anything through the use of their imagination. This is something that is not talked about much yet should be encouraged among today’s youth. If you would like a great book that encourages children to use their creativity and imagination “Silly Nomads” is just the book to purchase.

Authors Marcus Mohalland and Janet Lewis- Zelesnikar created and self- published their first book by their company Mohalland Lewis, LLC on September 16, 2013. This book is the first of a series of three books that tell the hilarious tale of two Jamaican brothers who create their own amazing adventures, using their imaginations and what they have seen on television. What is interesting about this book is that it really gives you a sample as it incorporates some of the native language, Patois. It is fast-paced and targets the young reader, ages 8-12 however currently local Fairfax County day cares have embraced this book for younger children.

About the Book

After watching a British documentary about nomads, ten-year-old Suhcrom and eight-year-old Naddih are so intrigued they immediately make plans for their own exciting nomad adventure. Never in their wildest dreams did they think it could be so amazing! This story is a fast-paced, hilarious tale of two mischievous brothers growing up in Jamaica who love being kids and know how to use their imaginations. They will make you laugh, charm you with their innocence, and leave you wondering what they will come up with next!

About the Authors

Marcus E. Mohalland was born in Jamaica and was raised in communities that, according to Jamaican standards were very poor. Many of his own life experiences are recounted in this story. He obtained his Master’s degree from Binghamton University and resides in Vestal, N.Y. “I have always desired to write about my life in a way that would encourage youth to enjoy their childhood, be grateful for what they have, and motivate them to achieve their greatest potential.”

Janet L. Lewis Zelesnikar was born and raised in Endicott, New York. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and works as a Registered Nurse. She lives in Endwell, N.Y. with her husband, John, and her best furry friend, Sam. “Every child deserves to have fun as they grow and learn and should be encouraged to use their imagination. I was privileged to have such a childhood.”
About the Mohalland Lewis LLC

Mohalland Lewis, LLC is a newly founded company whose goal is to write books that encourage children to use their creativity and imagination in exploring the world around them, and to cultivate their interest in other cultures. The company’s philosophy is to enhance the character of children through cultural development and education. “Silly Nomads from Palmerston Close,” is the first book written and self-published.
This is definitely a book that you and your child would enjoy reading. Pricing of the book is 7.19-7.99 for paperback It is encouraged that you purchase at It is also available on Kindle for 6.83! You definitely want to start reading this book before Silly Nomads Go Ninja Crazy and Silly Nomads Make Great Superheroes hit the stands!

For more information on Silly Nomads by Palmerston book, the authors and the Mohalland Lewis, LLC visit the company website:

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