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Silly Colorful Face Friends

A child's imagination is the most playful part of their childhood. The best way to bring out a child's imagination is to introduce them to as much bright and fun colors as one can. Like in the theory that certain painted colors of a child's classroom will have effects on learning, the same apply's to the creative activities that they do. In this activity a child will have fun putting together playful colors for a Silly Colorful Face Friend.

A silly, colorful face that's playful to create and fun to look at and play afterStarting materials
Diane Morris
A silly colorful face friend for your child to make
Diane Morris


Assortment of bright colored paper




First, have the child start off by drawing a frame to the face of their Colorful Friend. Once the face is compelete, using two different colored paper have your child draw two competently different eyes. Encourage them to use multiple colored crayons while drawing these eyes. Next, it's time to draw the nose. Again, make sure your child uses color, and again encourage them to use multiple colors. Next step, and on a different colored piece of paper, have your child draw silly lips.

Now it's time to cut out all these drawings. For the eyes and nose, have the child cut around as close to the edge as possible. while yet leaving enough room so it's not a complete outlined cut-out. Since the lips have a more pronounced lining, have the child cut along the boarder of their drawing. It's important to have your child also cutout the outline of the face because hair will be added later.

Your child can now go ahead and place all of these pieces together to get an overall sense of what their project will look like in it's final stage while also encouraging them to stick with this project.

With the leftover pieces of colored paper where all the facial features have been cut from, have your child draw squiggling lines, trying to use up all the paper. This may be a good time to teach your child about thinking ahead and making the most of their materials by conserving.

To cut out the hair, have your child mimic the line a centimeter or two to both sides of the line so it is thick enough. The best way for them to get the hang of this is to show them by example for the first few pieces.

Once all the hair is cut out, the child can begin to place the hair on the body of the face which has been already cutout. This is a good time to teach your child about mirroring and which pieces work best on each side. It is also a good time to teach sorting out and distributing the different colors on both sides.

When all the hair has been placed, bring all the ends together on top and put a staple through it. Then staple the hair to the body of the outlined face. Next, go ahead and staple all the facial features. If there is room left up-top for the hair, have your child shade in these colors with crayon.

And there your child will have their very own Silly Colorful Face Friends which they will surely feel an accomplishment in making.

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