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Silkwords combines online gaming with romance novels for a unique experience

Silkwords "Fevered Love"
Silkwords "Fevered Love"

A new website is offering a "choose your own adventure" experience for romance readers. Silkwords is part novel and part interactive gaming experience. Co-founded by a development director for Microsoft Xbox, Silkwords strives to add choices to the growing segment for female online gamers. Readers simply choose a story and read until the story prompts you to make a choice. Each story can be reread to create multiple outcomes. The site features original stories by authors like romance author Lisa Scott, paranormal and fantasy author Skyler White and sex-journalist Leigh Cowart.

"Our goal is to offer something for everyone, from erotic to sweet, historical to sci-fi," says acquiring editor Sharon Lynn Fisher. "It's such a fun format for authors to play around with. Have you ever read a romance and wondered what would happen if the heroine made a different choice? Picked a different guy? Waited longer to kiss him? Our readers get to find out."

The site focuses on providing an upscale experience complete with original artwork and no ads. A two-day trial is $.99, a monthly subscription is $4.99 and one year is $49.99. A new story is added each week and authors can submit stories at