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Silk pajamas to ease bridal planning burnout

Planning a wedding can take its toll on your mind and body after months of planning. One way to ensure you do not experience wedding burnout is to plan, ironically, moments of meditation and reflection with your favorite book, a spot of tea and your best pair of pajamas. Not just any pair of regular pajamas, it has to be a set that will caress and hug your skin and transport you to a place of sweet serenity and peaceful bliss.

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Anne Wiggins London
100% Silk Pajamas
Anne Wiggins

We searched far and wide and found a luxurious pair that truly exudes beauty, style, luxury and comfort. Anne Wiggins London has mastered the art of clothes design by understanding the form and attitude of women. Anne creates beautiful classics for everyday life, ethically made with quality fabrics and shapes that flatter and last, combine with elegance and discreet signature details.

Anne Wiggins has been in love with silk nightwear and lounge wear since she was a girl. Born in Papua New Guinea, she was raised there and, later, in Australia. Anne began to design her own clothes as a young girl, which she either made herself or had tailored to her specifications. She would also spend hours poring over her grandmother's magazines from the 1940's and 1950's, which contained patterns for the clothes they contained. Over the years, this process honed her appreciation of beautiful craftsmanship, fabrics, textures, draping techniques and attention to detail.

Whilst working in museums and galleries in New York, Sydney and London, Anne completed an undergraduate degree in History & Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney, a masters degree in Computer Applications for the History of Art at Birkbeck, and pursued further post-graduate studies in medieval history at the University of New England.

Ultimately, never finding what she wanted inspired Anne to launch this business. Free from the constraints of having to produce on a large scale, she could concentrate on artisanal quality without having to make any compromises. This exclusive limited edition collection is a concise expression of her taste for classic, handcrafted nightwear and loungewear, ethically made from the very finest quality silk.

Since we just love our brides SNOBBride is giving you an opportunity to experience Anne Wiggins London for yourself. Click here for your chance to win a luxurious Camisole and Palazzo pants set to add to your pajama collection.

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