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Silikids, Inc. was founded in 2006 by two moms, Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab, and is the first mom-founded brand focused on creating products that are toxin- free, hypoallergenic and made entirely out of silicone and have recently broadened the line with innovative feeding products. The new Silikids products now available at retail include Siliskin® Sippy 8oz., a Siliskin® Top, Silimap, Silibib® and Siliskin® glasses. A Siliskin® Bowl, Silispoons and Silibags (snack bags) will be available sometime in late April/May.

“Consumers will now have more choices than ever when it comes to Silikids products,” said Stacey Feeley, co-founder Silikids. “Our new offerings are a direct result of our talking with parents over the past year to create a cohesive line of stylish, functional and eco-friendly Silikids products they want and need.”


Siliskin® Top, a Silicone Top which stretches over and covers the top of a glass.

Combined with the Siliskin Glass, the glass is completely encased and protected. This top is the perfect solution to making the 6oz Siliskin glass a sippy. The Top can also be used with other standard size glass cups, turning your average glass cup into a sippy.

Available in two colors, Fresh and h20. Recommended retail: $4.95

Siliskin® Sippy, a stylish 8 oz. sippy cup where Silitop and Siliskin Glass come together as one. Glass, skin and top included. Recommended retail: $12.95

Silimap, a portable silicone placement with cool/fun educational themed graphics to teach kids about the US. Presectioned panels allow for Silimap to fold easily and compactly, perfect for a diaper bag. Available in two colors, Free and Sea. Recommended retail: $15.00

Silibib makes its introduction with a fresh new design. The bib’s new ergonomic design allows for it to lie flat. The bib includes a hidden pocket too that easily flips forward for use so the bib can be worn with the pocket in front or with the pocket flipped behind. Silibib is soft and comfortable for baby and hypoallergenic and is easy to wipe off and dishwasher safe.

Available in two colors, Spice and Fresh. Recommended retail $11.95

Siliskin Glass 6 oz., silikid’s signature “Big Kid” cup, a glass encased in a silicone protective sleeve features a patent-pending shock absorption design. Moms nationwide love Silikids glasses! Said Silikids mom Cheryl Friedman of Boston, MA "Finally, a safe glass I can give my kids! We love the cups and my family thanks you!". This enthusiastic mom fan, Angela Baptiste of Austin, TX had this to say about Siliskin Glasses, "These have made our mealtime so much better! My kids love the colors".

Available in a two pack in Tart and Sea. Recommended retail: $12.95

The following products will be added to the Silikids collection and are slated to be available at retail sometime in April/May 2014:

Siliskin® Bowl, a sectioned ceramic bowl with Siliskin is ideal for young children starting solid foods and for suggested portions of the four food groups.

Available in Spice. Recommended retail: $12.95

Silispoon, a silicone spoon designed to encourage independent eating habits. Silispoon features a textured handle and wide spatula style head to make it easy to scoop up food.

Available in a 2pack in purple/pink and green/blue. Recommended retail: $9.95

Silibags, translucent silicone sandwich/snack bags which make it easy to see what is inside. Embedded closure keeps bag sealed shut. These reusable bags replace disposable plastic sandwich bags! Available as a 2pack in colors Spice and Mellow. Recommended retail $12.95

The Silikids collection is available at specialty juvenile products stores nationwide including Giggle and online at,, and at

Watch the Silikids video here:

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