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Silicon Valley’s Business on the Edge is thriving: What is their secret sauce?

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Silicon Valley’s Business on the Edge, is a business coaching company that’s thriving, and growing in the Bay Area. What is the secret sauce to their growing success? Business on the Edge, takes small business development head-on, and moves it forward using business strategies that help fuel its company’s growth. It is normal for all small business owners to desire fast growth. Who doesn’t want microwave results? The reality is that small business growth is not, typically, fast. The approach that Business on the Edge takes is what they like to call, the Farmer’s Technique. A farmer is smart, steady, practical, and patient. Here are some steps of the Farmer’s Technique:

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1. Cultivate the field (niche market) that you want to plant your product or service.

2. Plant the product or service in the field (niche market), and water it.

3. Spend time managing the field. Fear is a weed, make sure you pull them up; it can kill your progress and your business.

4. Be patient, your business will grow with the right focus, and staying steady.

5. Maximize resources, tools, opportunities, and your time that promotes growth.

6. Harvest when the time is ripe, and if it is done well, you can harvest throughout the year.

This is a simple analogy for building a small business, and a key to Business on the Edge’s steady success. It takes time to grow a sustainable business, and if you’re too impatient then you cannot realize the potential for the business. Build your business smarter, be steady, practical, and patient; if you do it will pay off.

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