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Silicon inside out and around

Silicon Rich Radishes
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Let's talk about silicon, not exactly the kind at your plastic surgeon's or that valley in Cali. But the mineral, the one that's the second most abundant element on the planet next to oxygen. It's found in earth's crust, sand, the sun, planets, granite, crystals, certain foods and in you, especially in your hair, skin and nails. It's something your dermatologist won't mention either, which is related to skin health since it is not common practice within dermatology to connect diet to skin. But what you do eat does have an impact on your appearance, the quality of your hair, nails and smoothness of your skin. That's where silicon comes in, a small piece in an overall diet but an important piece.

Symptoms of deficiency of this earth abundant mineral can manifest in your outer appearance through brittle nails, hair, dry and slacking of skin. Silicon is also a component to bone density, studies show that individuals with sufficient amount of silicon reduce the risk for osteoporosis. Women are normally more at risk for osteoporosis when we age and silicon is a mineral that is present in all connective tissue, essentially strengthening our very fibers inside out. Alongside calcium, it helps keep bones supple yet strong and it's the flexibility it gives to bones that keeps them from breaking. For skin, silicon helps build and maintain collagen to keep skin looking plump and slows aging.

Try adding some of these naturally silicon rich foods:


Burdock root

Cucumber (with skin)

Romaine lettuce

Bell peppers



Tomatoes (eaten whole with skin)


Top tip: radishes make a great garnish on all food, chop them up and top them on salads, stews, soups, on sandwiches or anything you desire. They are neutral tasting and a great addition to getting a dose of silicon in it's natural state.

Paul Bragg, a pioneer and father of the health movement in the US and a big fan of silicon rich cucumbers said:

“There is nothing more nourishing for the skin to have than the liquid juice from the cucumber. The nutrition-rich water that it contains, when taken into the body, adds lustre to the hair, sparkle to the eye, color to the lips, tone to the skin, and spring to the step.”

Now that's poetry to strengthen and glow from the inside out. Recommended dosage of silicon is 40mg to be deemed effective.

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