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Silent Forest Scare! For RMH of Durham

Help the RMH of Durham by scaring yourself this Halloween at Silent Forest!
Help the RMH of Durham by scaring yourself this Halloween at Silent Forest!
(RMH Durham)

Ronald McDonald Houses are known for their selfless service to families in need. Since 1980, the Ronald McDonald House of Durham has been providing a home for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at Duke Children’s Hospital.

Each year, the Durham RMH sees more than 800 families cross its’ threshold for a home away from home during a challenging and exhausting time in their lives.

The Ronald McDonald House of Durham provides food and shelter to their families. Their mission is for the families who stay there to leave their worries of day to day life with RMH. Volunteers try to put a homemade dinner on the table every weekday for the families and the staff does everything they can to provide a relaxed and loving environment.

Food, toiletries, snacks for the hospital, shuttles to and from the hospital; these are all items that RMH strives to supply for the families, so that they can focus on their main challenge- getting past their child’s acute illness.

All of this is available to families who qualify with the correct medical referral and $10-15/night, which is considered a hardship fee and can be discussed with the staff, as needed. With all that is given to these families in need, it is no wonder why the RMH depends so heavily on volunteers.

Volunteers help by working at the RMH of Durham; they can also donate to the RMH wish list, found on their website, at Another way you can help is by collecting pop tabs and donating them to the house, either at their direct location, or any American Legion. By recycling these pop tabs, the RMH Durham has raised a great amount of money. They average, 450 lbs every ten days- which amounts to $234.

Now, you can do something extra to help the RMH of Durham! Open from October 21-23 and 28-31 from 7:30-11PM, you can come and participate in the Halloween festivities at the Silent Forest Haunted Experience, located in Creedmoor, NC. It is the premiere haunted experience, not recommended for those under 10, or for those not up for a good scare.

Silent Forest can be found in the dark woods of Creedmoor, NC, between Hwys 85/15 and Hwy 50. It is one minute north of Falls Law and an entrance is located on 1600 Northside Rd., Creedmore, NC, 27522.

You can get more information at

This is an hour long adventure. Tickets are $17 and a portion of the proceeds go to RMH of Durham.


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