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Sigourney Weaver's emotional interview about bullied gay teens

Sigourney Weaver tears up over part in film
Sigourney Weaver tears up over part in film

On CNN's AM this morning, CNN correspondents interviewed renown actress Sigourney Weaver about her recent performance in the lifetime original movie, Prayers For Bobby, the real life story of Mary Griffith, her gay son Bobby's suicide in 1983, and her gradual acceptance of her son's sexuality.

In speaking about the relevance and timing of this film, Sigourney testifies to her own deep emotional connection to the subject. When talking about Mary's story, about how this fervently religious mother couldn't accept her son's sexuality, and how accepting she is of it today, the actress, as well as the CNN team, stressed the need for more of this sort of dialogue to be addressed before its too late, as was the case with Bobby, and all the other LGBT youth that have taken their lives out of shame of being who they are.

Education and fair information about gays and lesbians is mounting in this country, as is the acceptance of this very deserving community. There is still much left to be done, but progression is happening, and with the aid of films like Prayers For Bobby, and producers like Sigourney Weaver heading the cause, equality and acceptance don't seem too much farther away.

To view the touching interview in its entirety, use the link at left.

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