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Signs Your Home Could Be Haunted

Situations like what happened in Amityville are rare, however, it is important to seek assistance when dealing with entities such as the Lutz family claimed to have encountered.
Situations like what happened in Amityville are rare, however, it is important to seek assistance when dealing with entities such as the Lutz family claimed to have encountered.
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There are many things we hear within our homes throughout the day and into the night. Many times it is just the house settling or pipes rattling. Other times it is a ghost trying to make itself known. So how do you know when that persistent bangs, rattles and slams are signs up a mischievous spirit or just poor plumbing?

Here are some tips to help you determine if your home is truly haunted.

Signs of a haunting

Before you can claim your home to be haunted you must determine between what is really a sign of a haunting and what is not. Sometimes a haunting can be a single act, such as a slamming of a door over and over again. Or it can be multiple acts at various times, including apparitions, odd noises, moving objects and strange smells. Here is a list of different paranormal activities that could mean your home is possibly haunted:

  • Unexplained noises - such as footsteps, knocks, banging, scratching sounds and loud bangs that rattle through your home.
  • Opening and closing of doors, cabinets and cupboards - many times these activities occur when no one is watching or home.
  • Light getting turned on and off - rarely occur when someone is home.
  • Furniture being slightly repositioned - another event that rarely occurs when someone is home.
  • Disappearing and reappearing of items - for example, when you think you left something somewhere and it is gone, only to find it there later in the day.
  • Shadows - generally these are seen out of the corner of your eye.
  • Pets act strangely - including barking at nothing, intently watching something cross the room and staring at something.
  • Feeling of being watched - though not 100 percent proof a home is haunted, it is often a claim people have in haunted locations.

Evidence of a haunting

To prove your home is haunted, stronger evidence will need to be collected. Evidence can include voice recordings, photographs and physical contact with the spirit in your home. Here are some stronger pieces of evidence which may help prove your home is haunted:

  • Psychokinetic phenomena - this is when you see the door open or close or see the lights get turned on and off.
  • Being touched - this occurs when you actually feel like someone touched you.
  • Hearing cries and whispers - these often come in the form of a muffled voice. Some cases have reports of music being played from an unknown source.
  • Cold and/or hot spots - these only count as evidence if there is no other explanation to the change in temperatures.
  • Unexplained smells - some cases have reported to have experience strange smells such as perfume or foul odors with no explanation as to the source.

The following is a list of activities which are rare, but are stronger pieces of evidence that a home is haunted:

  • Moving and levitating objects - this is when you actually see the plate fly across the room or the door slams in your face.
  • Physical assaults - this is when you are physically scratched, slapped or shoved to the ground.
  • Writings on the walls - this is when the paranormal entity actual leaves a note for the homeowner scribbled across the wall.
  • Signs of hand prints and footprints - these appear when no one else is or has been in the room.
  • Seeing an apparition - this is when you physically see the spirit or entity with your bare eyes.

Hopefully the above tips will help you predetermine if your home is haunted. If you believe your home is truly being haunted by an unwanted spirit, seek help immediately. Do not attempt to make contact with the ghost yourself. There are plenty of reputable groups in your area that are willing, trained and able to help those needing help with the paranormal.

Happy haunting!

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