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Signs that Yellowstone is About to Erupt!

The rash of recent earthquakes to hit the Southern California area, has many people wondering how long it will last and if the "Big One", so many has talked about, is now upon us. Experts have been warning for years that a large earthquake in California may be way overdue.

Just in the past 12 days two earthquakes have rocked Southern California, 4.5 and higher. These earthquakes are moderate and are becoming more severe. In fact, the last one to hit over the past weekend was a 5.1, which was strong enough to break water lines and cut out power, for many residents. Rock slides also became a danger, closing many roads in the area. Close to 100 aftershocks were reported throughout the weekend. But the biggest problems with these earthquakes in California may be an even bigger sign of trouble yet to come. In a distance of a little over 1,000 miles from the California epicenter, there are signs that Yellowstone is showing increased activity.

On Sunday, the day after the moderate earthquake hit Southern California, Yellowstone National Park had an earthquake of 4.8. Although Yellowstone has earthquakes on a daily basis, there hasn't been one of this magnitude felt in over 34 years.

Animals are also known for their keen sense of impending earthquakes. There are reports from various people who have said that their dog or cat behaved strangely just before an earthquake hit. Interestingly enough, herds of large animals have been seen leaving Yellowstone within the past couple of weeks, very unusual behavior. Soon after the earthquake hit the area. These animals may be warning us in a not so subtle way, of something bigger yet to come.

Activity began to increase in Yellowstone, at about the same time it began to increase in California, so Scientists have been watching the Yellowstone area closely, especially in the area where there had been a ground uplift increasing over the past several years.

Scientists are especially concerned because large, earthquake movements around or under the world's largest super volcano caldera, could cause it to rupture, sending deadly plumes of ash clouds into the air. The force during the eruption of this volcano would be 2,000 times the force of Mount St. Helens eruptions.

A volcanic eruption of this magnitude could cause world wide devastating effects. The ash could block out the sun for several days, and blankets of ash coming down, would settle on everything for thousands of miles, smothering crops and poisoning the water supply. The air would be contaminated as ash particles would make it impossible to breathe, throughout North America, and wind currents would carry the ash around the world. The last eruption from Yellowstone wiped out 60% of all life on earth and caused a nuclear winter.

A nuclear winter occurs when so much ash is put into the atmosphere that the sun cannot shine causing cold and darkness. Much life on the earth will die due to extreme temperatures, lack of food, lack of clean water and ash in the lungs. Ash falling down would be like snow flakes accumulating everywhere it lands, measured in feet rather than inches.

Some scientists believe that the eruption of this volcano, and the thick blanket of ash, was responsible for killing the dinosaurs millions upon millions of years ago. And they also theorize that the volcano erupts on a cycle and that the next eruption is way overdue.

The Bible says that in the end days there will be earthquakes in diverse places. And just like the birth pains of a pregnant woman, so shall the earthquakes be. Just before the birth or in terms of a volcano, just before the eruption, the labor pains or earthquakes will be close together.

When you see these things happening in this manner, look up for our redemption draws near. Jesus Christ will come in the clouds to save his people from the hour of trial that will soon come upon the entire earth. Give your life over to Jesus today, ask him to forgive you of your sins, so that you too may be saved from the hour of darkness that is coming, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Time is running out! Get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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