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Signs That an Economic Collapse is Imminent!

Are we headed toward an economic collapse?

During the past week the stock market has shown signs of weakness. Just a few days ago the stock market fell to over 300 points. And tomorrow’s outlook is just as grim as the stock market is expected to fall due to the latest jobs report. So what are the chances that our economy will collapse in the very near future?

Even though the government does not come right out and say how bad things really are, there are tell tail signs on the news that can give us a clue in which direction our economy is headed. Just the other day there was a new trend among the news media saying our economy is headed for a reset. But what does this really mean? A reset is another way of saying that our economy is headed for an economic collapse. The news media is painting this reset as something that may be painful but is needed for the economy. In fact they state that many countries go through a financial reset and it is all a part of the natural process of doing things. But an economic reset can be very devastating. After all what has to take place in order to reset an entire economic system?

Well according to the Bible, Babylon will fall in one hour and that money will be so worthless that they will throw their gold and silver into the streets. This is the kind of collapse or reset that is most likely coming now. This type of reset is needed in order to bring in the New World Order, the one world government. And this type of reset will be world wide and unlike anything ever seen before upon the face of the earth. The type of economic collapse we are talking about here is so devastating that we won’t even be able to buy or sell. Everything will be frozen, stopped in its tracks. It will be so bad that only a one world government will be able to fix it in which the Antichrist will come onto the scene.

There is more evidence in the news that a government collapse is imminent. The US government today announced that they are going to stop selling state and local securities. This is money loaned to states to pay bills. They are doing this as a precaution in case the debt ceiling is not raised on time.The government has been warned that they have until Friday, Feb. 7th to raise the debt ceiling or the US will not be able to borrow any more money. Without borrowing the money, the US will not able to pay its bills and many programs will be cut. These programs are government subsidies to the poor such as Medicaid, foodstamps, social security and many others. How likely is it then that the debt ceiling will be raised?

The latest news about this suggests that the republicans are saying that Obamacare is not working. This is an important bit of information to know to determine how they will most likely vote. If the republicans are not in favor of Obamacare, then it is highly likely that they won’t vote on raising the debt ceiling, as much of this borrowed money will go into funding Obamacare. So the chances of raising the debt ceiling may be very slim and this country will most likely be headed for an economic freefall, which they term a reset. So it is likely that this economic collapse could happen within the next 3 weeks. But there is one more ace up the sleeve so to speak.

Obama has signed an executive order giving him the power to override congress in the need of an emergency. And during his Presidential Address, he even stated that he was going to override congress by using his executive powers. But the reason he was going to do this was to raise minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. But he could very well use his executive powers to fund Obamacare and raise the debt ceiling if he so chooses. Either way we are at a point in time when there is no turning back. To not raise the debt ceiling will put our economy into an economic collapse. To raise the debt ceiling will put us so far into debt that there will be an economic collapse looming on the horizon. Putting it off, only makes the problem bigger down the road. And raising the debt ceiling will fund Obamacare and the mark of the beast which will still bring about the New World Order. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the days and weeks ahead. But there are consequences to not raising the debt ceiling now.

If the debt ceiling isn't raised then many government programs will be cut such as food stamps and many people will not be able to pay their rent. An example of this happened on a small scale during hurricane Katrina. People lost their access to food and water and they lost their homes. Widespread violence and looting broke out. Robbers were going door to door breaking in homes at gun point while the people were still inside. They were looking for items of necessity such as food, water and money. Now imagine this happening across the country. This is what happens when there is no money and no jobs. People get desperate when they can't meet their basic needs like food and housing. There will be chaos and rioting everywhere.

The time we are at now is a sure sign that Jesus is coming soon to get his bride and it is God who is in control of all things. Jesus will come before the tribulation hour begins to save those who belong to him, who have wiped their robes clean, who have been forgiven of their sins. Get ready, ask Jesus into your heart today. Time is short, the tribulation is about to begin and you don’t want to be left here on this earth to be tortured by the Antichrist. He will cause all people great and small, free and bond to receive his mark. All those that do will be condemned to hell. All those who refuse will be beheaded. You don’t have to make this choice. Ask Jesus into your heart today and you will be saved from this hours of trial that is soon to come. May God be with you in these last days.

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